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Teaching and Exam sessions will be online.

Graduation sessions are allowed either in mixed mode (in person and remotely) or in full distance mode.

Internships will be carried out remotely. Internships or laboratory activities that are necessary for obtaining the qualification and which for objective reasons cannot be kept entirely online will be partially in presence. In this case, it will be the duty of the Study Course President to organise activities for small groups in respect of all safety measures. In all cases, students will be assigned the missing credits by integrating them with distance activities.

Degree sessions that may be deferred due to failure to carry out internship activities must be quickly recovered.

Study rooms remain inaccessible to students, but the Department Directors and the School President will temporarily make available any unused space to facilitate the distancing of teaching and non-teaching staff for institutional activities in presence.

Research laboratories must in any case be guarded taking turns in order to avoid dangers or damage to materials and instruments that could be caused by the prolonged absence of personnel.

All meetings of any type will be held exclusively at a distance.



Nëse doni të shtoni një dimension ndërkombëtar në rrugën tuaj arsimore duke kaluar një periudhë studimi jashtë vendit, Universiteti i Dytë i Napolit është i lumtur për t’ ju mirëpritur.


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