Minimum qualifications required for Admissions 

Enrolling in First Cycle and Single Cycle Degrees 

- A Five-year high school diploma; 

- A Four-year high school diploma with supplementary year. If the diploma is issued by a school, which does not run a supplementary year, contact the Student Administration Office for inquiries. 

Valid foreign qualification.

Enrolling in Second Cycle Degrees 

- A First Cycle degree (or a foreign equivalent degree)

- Qualification issued by: Accademie di Belle Arti, Accademia Nazionale di Danza, Accademia Nazionale di Arte Drammatica, Istituti Superiori per le Industrie Artistiche, Conservatories, approved Music Schools (under the rules applicable prior to the entry into force of Law 508 dated 21/12/99), accompanied by a secondary school diploma. 

- Valid foreign qualification.


The enrolment applications for all courses must be completed online at this link: https://esse3.cressi.unicampania.it/Home.do

Consult the online guides to register and enrol

- Enrolment Guide for open access courses

- Enrolment Guide for courses with set number

- Transfer to another course

The application for enrolment in open access study courses must be submitted exclusively online from 1 September to the deadline set by the Tax Notice (except for any extensions)

The application for enrolment in courses with set number must be submitted online, within the terms and according to the modalities foreseen by the respective Competition Calls.

Applications made differently will not be accepted.

Only the first time, it is necessary to register on the Student administration office portal (GUIDE); you must enter your personal details and choose your credentials (username and password) for online service access. At this point, the potential student can access the service.

-Online enrolment FAQ

 The online procedure takes place in three phases:

1.       Online registration of the enrolment application, by the potential student

2.       Online presentation of the enrolment application, by the potential student

3.       Completion of the enrolment procedure, by the Student Administration Office

In the first phase, online registration of the enrolment application, the potential student provides personal data, residence, domicile, etc. and the diploma held (therefore, it is advisable to collect all the necessary information before starting the online compilation).

In the second phase, online presentation of the enrolment application, without the need to go to the Student Administration Office, the potential student must upload:

1.       The enrolment application printed at the end of online registration, duly signed

2.       Receipt of payment of the first instalment.

In the third phase, completion of the procedure, the Student Administration Office, after verification of the admission requirements, assigns the matriculation number.

The Vanvitelli University provides appropriate self-assessment tests for those who intend to enrol. These tests evaluate general preparation in basic subjects and their attitudes with respect to the study course chosen for the test and eventually indicate the areas in which they must improve. The self-assessment test must be carried out before enrolling in any degree programme of the University. To find out more, visit the dedicated section.

The Student Administration Office may complete enrolment only after the test has been carried out, but it is specified that the test is not selective and that its outcome does not affect the possibility of enrolling in the chosen study programme.

The data entered are kept only for institutional purposes and for everything related to the student's academic career and, if the student agrees, for purposes related to a possible subsequent job placement.

The online registration form is a form of self-certification prepared according to the current legislation (Presidential Decree 445/2000); therefore, pursuant to articles 46 and 47of the aforementioned Decree, students are responsible in case of false statements and declarations no longer corresponding to the truth and subject to the penalties provided by the penal code and special laws in matter (Law n. 15/1968, Presidential Decree No. 403/1998 and article 495 of the Penal Code).

For any information, it is possible to consult the Guides. 

The Vanvitelli University encourages enrolment through the provision of scholarships reserved for students enrolled in a First Cycle Degree Course or an open access Single Cycle Degree Course in possession of merit and income requirements set in a special call and

The Vanvitelli University also provides the grant of scholarships for students belonging to families with two or more members enrolled in degree programmes (of any type) of the University, reserved for each member, in possession of specific requirements identified in a special call.

All interested parties are invited to view the calls that will be published in the dedicated section.





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