Enrolment in single courses  

Enrolment in single courses allows students to attend classes, take the final exam of one or more courses of the various degree programmes and obtain a certification.

For the Academic year 2020-2021, applications for participation in “single courses” referred to in art. 31 of the University Didactic Regulations, issued with Rector Decree no. 840/2013, must be produced no later than 31 October 2020.

The amount to be paid for each "single course", in the event that the appointed educational body expresses a favourable opinion amounts to 50.00 Euros for each University Credit, as reported in the Tax Notice - A.Y.  2020/2021.

Before applying, contact the competent Student Office to find out all the necessary information relating to the limits of access to individual training activities approved by the individual Degree Programmes.

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