Incoming transfers, submission terms and conditions

The application for incoming transfers or the changeover to the University's open access study programmes must be submitted exclusively online at this address, the same procedure is adopted also for programmes with set number, in compliance with the terms and conditions laid down in the specific calls.

This procedure must also be used for years following the first.

The student is required to pay a fee of € 100.00, to be paid using the bank form generated by the procedure when registering online.


Guides (in Italian)

- Enrolment Guide for open access courses

(standard, abbreviated; students who renounce, withdraw, transfer in entrance)

- Enrolment Guide for courses with set number

(standard, abbreviated; students who renounce, withdraw, transfer in entrance)

- Transfer to another course


Outgoing transfers, submission terms and conditions

Applications for outgoing transfers to Study Courses of other Universities must be submitted to the competent Student Office, from 1 September to 30 September, unless extended, if enrolments are open at the University of destination.

The student is required to verify the existence of restrictions, and, where required, get the clearance from the chosen University. The student who submits an outgoing request is not required to renew the enrolment.

The student transferring in another University is required to pay a contribution of € 100.00 to any Unicredit branch, through the appropriate payment model (PTV model), available on the University website


General Information

The Degree Programme Boards decide on the validation of credits in cases of transfer from another university, transfer to another course of study or execution of parts of training activities in another Italian or foreign university, also through the adoption of individual study programmes.

They also recognise the career of students who have already completed their educational qualifications at this University or at another Italian university and who request, at enrolment, the recognition of training credits.

The Regulations of the didactic structures may subordinate, in specific cases, the acceptance of a transfer application to a pre-determined admission test. Any credits obtained but not recognized for the achievement of the degree are registered in the academic career of the interested party.

If the student is transferring between degree courses belonging to the same class, the credits relating to the same scientific sector directly recognized to the student cannot be less than 50% of those already acquired.

The student who transfers to the Vanvitelli University cannot in turn transfer to another University before an academic year has passed.

The transfer to Study Courses with set number is allowed only to students who take part in the admission tests to the Study Programme at the Vanvitelli University are placed in a useful position in the ranking lists.


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