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Until further notice, the procedures for carrying out the exam and graduation sessions will remain the same as those adopted from 13 July 2020.

The graduation sessions will be in attendance, ensuring the safety measures required by current regulations. Profit exams can be carried out, in addition to the online execution, even in attendance, at the voluntary request of the professors.
Profit exams in English or those borrowed from several external locations will only be online.

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Lessons will start from 1 October, together with the implementation of the daily sanitation procedures of all classrooms.

For face-to-face lessons, priority will be given to studens enrolled in First cycle and Single-Cycle master's degrees programmes.

Classes will resume in a mixed form, with part of the students in the classroom and part at home with turns organized independently by the departments, or in compliance with a general University plan.

Containment measures will be adopted for students who will attend face-to-face lessons to combat and contain the spread of Covid-19, and therefore it will be mandatory to:

- measure body temperature when entering each department;

- issue a specific declaration on the prevention of infections;

 - wear a surgical mask during all lessons;

- cleanse hands with sanitizing gel;

- fill classrooms to a maximum of 50% of their nominal capacity,   

compatibly with the distance between seats which must not be less than what is established by the government decrees.

Lessons will always be in streaming, therefore with online transmission for students who cannot be present in the classroom for that day.

The University is committed to making possible even more dynamic lessons by equipping classrooms with a capacity of 100 students or more with environmental microphones and video cameras that will be connected to the professors' computers in order to have a better video and audio connection.

All courses given in English will be exclusively online for at least the first semester.

The methods for organizing attendance in the classrooms will be communicated by the  Departments on their websites and will be handled by the individual Degree Course Presidents.



The procedures remain the same as in July. The President of the Degree Course will communicate the methods when it is necessary to perform internship in attendance for the achievement of the degree.



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