MD / PhD excellence programme 

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A new MD / PhD excellence programme for the ten best students of Medicine at the Vanvitelli University.

The Vanvitelli University promotes a new MD / PhD excellence programme for ten future doctors, students will study and at the same time carry out scientific research from the 2nd to the 6th year of the degree course in Medicine and Surgery.

The 10 students selected will not pay the university fees and will receive a monthly grant of approximately € 1000.      

The students selected, starting from the 4th year of medicine, will also study in prestigious research institutes, regulatory bodies and national and international universities, at University's expense.

The selection criteria will entirely be objective: 60% is given to the position in the national ranking for the access to Medicine, 20% to the grade average of the first year exams and 20% to the younger age.
The 10 students selected must therefore: 1) achieve 60 credits in research laboratories of our University or other institutions, in addition to the 360 credits provided for in the study plan; 2) do international scientific research documented by publications in peer-reviewed journals; 3) be in good standing with the exams and maintain an average of not less than 28/30. Students completing this programme will have a priority access to the Research Doctorate and facilitate the access to the role of University Researcher in relation to the activation of the Caserta
General Hospital.

All details are defined in the regulation for the MD/PhD Programme - in Italian

22/10/2019: Call for applications - In Italian

To submit the application click on the following link: 




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