Garanzia Giovani

Graduates of the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli, who have already joined Garanzia Giovani, can take advantage of a specialised orientation service - promoted by FIxO YEI available at the Student Activities Office.

The service consists in taking part in a series of meetings aimed better understanding your attitudes and personal motivations and building a professional project together.

This is a great opportunity to retrace the history of training and work, think over your personal experience and plan any changes or future progress. The purpose is to increase awareness of skills and potential, to have greater autonomy and improve the active search for work.

During the meetings, personal resources (characteristics, skills, interests, values, etc.) and the context in which they are inserted (family, environmental) will be evaluated in order to undertake an educational or working path together.

At the end, the advisor will have more tools available to understand whether to recommend training or a new job.

Instructions to join Garanzia Giovani in Italian

Join Garanzia Giovani

If you have joined and would like to make an appointment for the specialised orientation service or if you want more information, you can contact the Student Activities Office at + 39 0823 274124.



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