Unicampania Vanvitelli Multiservice Genius Card

A UniCredit Bank "Unicampania Multiservice Genius Card" for students.

The "Genius Card" originates from a strong synergy between the bank and the Vanvitelli University, the card has no monthly fee or other costs.

The card, for a more convenient management of payment services, is reserved exclusively for all students enrolled in Degree courses and staff of the Vanvitelli University.

The new card is a personalized rechargeable prepaid card, with contact-less technology, associated with an IBAN code and the Unicredit internet banking service. This will allow users to take advantage of various services, such as: online payment of university fees, access to university services, credit the scholarship or salary, arrange and receive bank transfers, and even make online purchases. Finally, it will be possible to benefit from discounts of affiliated companies.

Discover all the advantages of the Genius Card



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