Activity plan and security measures. Methods of carrying out exams, courses and internships

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Until further notice, the procedures for carrying out the exam and graduation sessions will remain the same as those adopted from 13 July 2020.

The graduation sessions will be in attendance, ensuring the safety measures required by current regulations. Profit exams can be carried out, in addition to the online execution, even in attendance, at the voluntary request of the professors.
Profit exams in English or those borrowed from several external locations will only be online.

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Lessons will start from 1 October, together with the implementation of the daily sanitation procedures of all classrooms.

For face-to-face lessons, priority will be given to studens enrolled in First cycle and Single-Cycle master's degrees programmes.

Classes will resume in a mixed form, with part of the students in the classroom and part at home with turns organized independently by the departments, or in compliance with a general University plan.

Containment measures will be adopted for students who will attend face-to-face lessons to combat and contain the spread of Covid-19, and therefore it will be mandatory to:

- measure body temperature when entering each department;

- issue a specific declaration on the prevention of infections;

 - wear a surgical mask during all lessons;

- cleanse hands with sanitizing gel;

- fill classrooms to a maximum of 50% of their nominal capacity,   

compatibly with the distance between seats which must not be less than what is established by the government decrees.

Lessons will always be in streaming, therefore with online transmission for students who cannot be present in the classroom for that day.

The University is committed to making possible even more dynamic lessons by equipping classrooms with a capacity of 100 students or more with environmental microphones and video cameras that will be connected to the professors' computers in order to have a better video and audio connection.

All courses given in English will be exclusively online for at least the first semester.

The methods for organizing attendance in the classrooms will be communicated by the  Departments on their websites and will be handled by the individual Degree Course Presidents.



The procedures remain the same as in July. The President of the Degree Course will communicate the methods when it is necessary to perform internship in attendance for the achievement of the degree.


Contributions for computers or tablets for students enrolling in the first year thousands of study grants and exemptions for working, foreign and deserving students


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Contributions to purchase computers or tablets, scholarships for deserving students and for brothers or sisters of enrolled students, reduction of fees for foreign students, and incentives for those who enrol in Masters programmes and for working students. Extraordinary measures for an extraordinary moment; the Vanvitelli University decides to support students in this moment of great difficulties with a series of measures designed to encourage distance learning (when still necessary) and entry into the academic world.
The University provides a contribution ranging from 500 to 350 euros for the purchase of university books and/or devices, to be allocated to students enrolled in the first year of all degree programmes, allowing them to easily take part to online teaching for as long as necessary with a computer or a tablet.

Another novelty of this academic year are scholarships for students enrolled in the Masters programmes who have graduated from the Vanvitelli University. There are 200 scholarships available of 500 euros each which aim to encourage post-graduate training.

As part of the internationalization process, there are new incentives and contributions for foreign students, in order to support enrolment in all programmes,  infact, starting from the A.Y. 2020/2021 a fixed enrolment fee of 202 euros is proposed for all foreign students who do not present the  Equivalent Economic Status Index certificate-  (ISEE in Italian).

And in a complicated moment like the one we are experiencing, the Vanvitelli University has also tried to encourage the enrolment of working students, regularly enrolled within the legal duration of the course,  especially in a period in which a strong impulse will be given to the blended teaching offer, with online and face to face teaching, by providing a fixed reduction of 50% of the contribution for all years of the chosen programme.

For all students, there are also news for the payment calendar: the last deadline, in fact, will be in July of next year and no longer in May.

And finally, the Vanvitelli University provides scholarships for families with more than one member enrolled in the degree courses of this university (600 scholarships of 700 euros each) to be assigned to each enrolled member, and  grants for students enrolled only in open access courses, (all types) of this University (700 scholarships of 700 euros) to be assigned according to two parameters,  the Economic Situation - ISEE - of the family unit of belonging and merit (for high school graduates a score of at least 90 and for three-year University graduates a mark of at least 100 out of 110).

Face to face exams at the Vanvitelli University starting from July 13th

Face to face exams

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As a rule, from July 13th, the graduation exams will take place in attendance in the largest classrooms of the University. Each candidate can only have a maximum of four people attending the exam. The student and each family member who will access the university structures must send in advance the declaration to access the university facilities to the Director of the Department.

Should one or more candidates request to take the exam not in attendance, for reasons determined by the emergency situation, they will be able to take the graduation exam online.

Profit exams will continue to be online but students can voluntarily decide to take the exam in attendance. The required arrangements will be responsibility of the Presidents of the Degree Programmes, who will prepare a specific calendar and guarantee compliance with the health provisions provided for by the current legislation. Each student, who will have access to the University facilities, will be subjected to temperature measurement and must send prior declaration to access the university facilitiesto the President of the Degree Programme or to the Director of the Department.

Students residing outside the Campania region will receive a refund for travel and accommodation expenses, all the details for the reimbursements will be published shortly.

Profit and graduation exams will continue to be only online for all students of programmes in English and for foreign students, or students with health issues.

Written exams (online or in attendance) are not allowed except for an experiment in progress at the Department of Economics. Written exams will resume from the September sessions.

Tutoring activities aimed at recovering the ECTS necessary to obtain a university degree can also take place, on a voluntary basis, in attendance.


FAQ face to face profit and graduation exams

Email address President of the Degree Programme

Email address Director of the Department

Study at the Vanvitelli University. Consult the training offer and choose your course of study

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Four new degree programmes and many benefits to easily enrol without economic sacrifice. The educational offer of the Vanvitelli University provides its students many opportunities 

Take a look at the complete training offer and choose your programme.

Here is all the information on the New Degree Programmes for the academic year 2020/21: 


Department of Architecture 

Master Degree Programme in Planet Life Design

Duration: 2 years

The Master Degree programme in Planet Life Design is a joint degree course in agreement with the University of Perugia and located in Assisi. The programme trains designers to resolve emerging issues for the well-being of life on and for the planet, scenario designers, designers of products, services and processes related to supporting the environment, living and quality of life, Designer of sustainable materials and technological systems, Designer of social and environmental transformation strategies, Designer for the visual communication of products and services related to environmental and social sustainability.

Go to the new study programme 


Department of Environmental, Biological and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies

Degree Course in Agricultural and Forestry Sciences

Duration: 3 years

Type of access: open access

The Degree Course in Agricultural and Forestry Sciences, in cooperation with the University of Naples "Federico II", is a three year programme designed to provide students with in-depth basic scientific knowledge and also specific skills specialized in the estimative-juridical disciplines of the plant, forest and environmental productions and of the plant defense.

The didactic activities are divided into semesters and include lectures, laboratory activities and guided visits.

The Degree Course trains professional agronomist and forestry technicians.

Go to the new study programme 


Department of Mathematics and Physics

Master Degree Programme in Physics

Duration: 2 years

Type of Access: open access

The Degree Programme, entirely provided in English, is strongly connected to the research activities performed in the Department. Students can choose among 5 specializations:

Nuclear and particle astrophysics

Atomic and molecular physics

Physics of complex systems

Environmental physics

Aerospace physics

Students will have the opportunity to spend a period of study at one of the partner universities among which the Technische Universität Munchen  in Germany, the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun - Poland and the Universidade de Lisboa in Portugal. At the end of the Programme, the MSc graduate will have a deep and solid knowledge of modern physics. They will be able to gain skills to manage complex experimental setups and become familiar with the latest technologies. Alternatively, they will learn to work with physical models, along with mathematical and numerical tools, to describe physical reality.

For the admission, bachelor degree in physics or related field is required, along with English level B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

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Department of  Engineering

Master Degree Programme in Engineering Management

Duration: 2 years

Type of Access: open access

The Master's Degree programme in Engineering Management aims to prepare an engineer with a solid training and with in-depth knowledge of physics and mathematics, useful for interpreting and describing the complex problems of industrial engineering related to aspects of economics and business organization, management of production and logistics processes and management of energy systems.

In line with the current technological scenario and the important transformation expected by the industrial and energy sector, distinctive skills are developed on the methodologies and analysis tools used in the management of complex systems such as technological innovations, strategic planning of industrial investments, industrial plant services, safety and quality management of production systems.

Go to the new study programme 



 Discover our Courses for the academic year 2020-2021 

Welcome service for international students

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Hello from the International Welcome Desk

A prompt assistance service for foreign students who choose the Vanvitelli University. From today, the International Welcome Desk is active. The International Students Union – ISU - official partner welcoming international students.

The service, accessible from the page of International Welcome Desk, supports foreign students for:

  • Information regarding Campuses dislocated on the territory;
  • Accommodation search;
  • Reception service;
  • Legal assistance in housing and immigration laws;
  • Assistance in obtaining a study visa (activity available also for outgoing students);
  • Assistance for the issue of Residence Permit;
  • Registration to the Local Health Authority (ASL);
  • Orientation activities;
  • Complete bureaucratic assistance.

Erasmus students, students of the Marco Polo programme, visiting students, PhD students and research fellows, graduate students of the English programmes and those enrolled in degree courses with the issue of the double degree can take advantage of the service.

Inernational Welcome Desk



Marco Polo programme

With reference to the Marco Polo programme, the University is implementing and strengthening the dissemination of its training offer to Chinese graduates. Chinese students interested to the Vanvitelli training offer can access for a free evaluation test, which will be available online through the e-learning platform in the period between June 10 and July 10.

The ranking list that will be prepared by the university for each course will take into account the outcome of the evaluation test and the Gaokao (test for access to Chinese universities).
The result of the evaluation will be notified to the interested parties by formalizing their pre-enrolment to courses provided in Italian for the academic year 2019/2020 to enable to start visa applications by the Italian Embassy in China by July 31 2018.

Reserved seats

Regulations for the access of foreign students



National School of Administration (SNA in Italian), accommodation agreement at the Caserta Residential Centre


 11.21.2019: due to work in progress at the Caserta Residential Centre of the National School of Administration, it is not possible to accept reservations of professors and students of the University until further communication.


The agreement with the Caserta Residential Centre of the National School of Administration has been renewed.


The Residential and Study Centre (CRS in Italian) of the National School of Administration is located in Caserta, Corso Trieste - n. 2, in one of the two elliptical hemicycles of the Royal Palace commissioned by Charles III of Bourbon and built in the second half of the eighteenth century by Luigi Vanvitelli.

The residential structure covers an area of about 4,000 square meters divided on four levels and has 43 single rooms, 9 double rooms, which can be used in agreement by students, guests and staff of the University.

The cost of accommodation, including breakfast, is € 25.00 per person per night.

Guests must request availability directly by connecting to the following link: 

Payment must be made before arrival via the Easypagamenti platform upon access to the website according to the indications provided on the site.

How to make a reservation



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