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Discover the Vanvitelli University and its Departments with the new digital and interactive University brochure. In the brochure, available also in English, you can find all the necessary information on the Vanvitelli University with the complete educational offer, services available for students, benefits, APPs, internationalisation, and presentations for each department.

The pages have links to directly access the specific pages of the University portal and the sites of the Departments.

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Are you still undecided? Watch the videos that will help you in choosing your study programme. All the Virtual Open Days of the Vanvitelli University Degree Courses are online.

Professors together with students, PhD students or postgraduates, present the over 67 degree courses, access procedures, TOLCs (access tests), international opportunities, services and benefits.

Virtual trips within the departments, images of the structures, laboratories, activities, services, study plans, employment opportunities, facilities, and advice to experience the University and organise the study in the best possible way. Choose the Virtual Open Day that interests you most and discover the future that awaits you.

Vanvitelli Virtual Open Days


Go to the Study grants and subsidies page to find out how the Vanvitelli University contributes to the study of its students. Scholarships for deserving students and for students belonging to families with more students attending the university, reduction of fees for foreign students.


Remember that programmes with restricted access provide for a limited number of seats, established by the University or by the MUR. To be able to enrol, it is necessary to take an admission test, pass it and be placed in the ranking within the number of available seats.
Check the calls for application published in the dedicated section.


All information on the enrolment procedure at the Vanvitelli University, on taxes and contributions and the contacts of the Student Offices are available in the dedicated section.


Look at the complete educational offer and choose your study programme.

Admission to restricted access Degree Programmes a.y. 2021/2022

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In this section, you will find the calls for application for the access to restricted access degree programmes a.y. 2021/2022. Some calls are under definition and will be published as soon as they are available. Consult the page frequently.

The calls for application contain all information on access: number of seats available, participation requirements, deadlines and methods of submitting applications.

Read the call carefully and submit your application form.


Didactic activity, exams, internships. Updates for the academic community


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Following the recent government provisions relating to the progress of the epidemiological emergency from COVID 19, most of the teaching activities will be carried out in presence starting from May 27, 2021.


The following security measures will continue to be mandatory to contrast and contain the spread of the SARS COV 2 virus:

• the measurement of body temperature at the entrance to each building, access will be allowed only if  body temperature is below 37.5 °;

• the use of personal protective devices (surgical masks, alcohol-based disinfectant gel);

• compliance with the maximum limit of 50% of the capacity of each classroom.


Starting from Thursday 27 May 2021, the teaching of the First Cycle, Second Cycle and single-cycle degree programmes will be delivered in person or remotely through a mixed teaching with part of the students in presence and part online.

The ReStart application will manage the shifts to attend lessons in class in compliance with the anti-COVID19 measures by respecting the maximum limit of 50% of the capacity of the classrooms.

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Courses already started remotely will be completed online; individual Departments can make decisions regarding courses that need practical activities in presence, provided that the number of students is very limited and can be managed in total safety.

The international courses, not attended mainly by Italian students, and courses of the health professions will continue to be only in remote mode.

The training activities of PhDs, Masters and Advanced Courses will continue to be delivered remotely; individual Departments can make decisions regarding courses that require face-to-face activities, provided that the number of students is very limited and can be managed in total safety.

The training activities for doctors in specialisation courses can always take place in presence, with the procedures already in force;


Starting from Thursday 27 May 2021, written and oral exam sessions of the First Cycle, Second Cycle and single-cycle degree programmes will take place in presence provided that all safety and health protection conditions are set. Students who, due to a documented motivation, are unable to attend in person may request to take the exam online.

The Presidents of International Degree Programmes may decide to continue to carry out remote exam sessions based on where students come from. The exam sessions of the health professions can continue to take place remotely.


Internships and workshop activities that cannot be carried out remotely must take place in person. It will be task of the Degree Course Presidents to ensure compliance with the containment measures to counter and contain the spread of Covid-19 and to evaluate the possibility of carrying out, on a voluntary basis, further activities involving very small numbers. Curricular and post-curricular internships outside the region and abroad are suspended.


Starting from May 27, 2021, the graduation sessions of the First Cycle, Second Cycle and single-cycle degree programmes and the Diplomas of the Specialisation Schools, PhD Programmes, Masters and Postgraduate Courses will be held exclusively in presence in compliance with all safety and health protection conditions (social distancing, use of PPE, etc.).


If ERASMUS and exchange projects are carried out in presence, the mobility of students and professors to and from abroad must be carried out in compliance with the provisions of the Italian Government, verifying the health conditions of the hosting country.


The reception of students in presence is allowed if deemed necessary by the professor / speaker / tutor in compliance with all safety and health protection conditions (social distancing, use of PPE, etc.).


Student access to libraries is allowed upon reservation, limited to book lending and return services.


Student access to the student offices and the teaching areas of the Departments is allowed upon reservation.


The study and reading rooms remain closed.


Welcome service for international students

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Hello from the International Welcome Desk

A prompt assistance service for foreign students who choose the Vanvitelli University. From today, the International Welcome Desk is active. The International Students Union – ISU - official partner welcoming international students.

The service, accessible from the page of International Welcome Desk, supports foreign students for:

  • Information regarding Campuses dislocated on the territory;
  • Accommodation search;
  • Reception service;
  • Legal assistance in housing and immigration laws;
  • Assistance in obtaining a study visa (activity available also for outgoing students);
  • Assistance for the issue of Residence Permit;
  • Registration to the Local Health Authority (ASL);
  • Orientation activities;
  • Complete bureaucratic assistance.

Erasmus students, students of the Marco Polo programme, visiting students, PhD students and research fellows, graduate students of the English programmes and those enrolled in degree courses with the issue of the double degree can take advantage of the service.

Inernational Welcome Desk




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