Didactic activities, exams and access to the University

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Didactic activities, exams and access to the University premises from 1 May 2022

With the end of the state of emergency on 31 March 2022 (Legislative Decree 221/2021) and implementing the updated Italian government guidelines relating to the COVID-19 pandemic (Decree-Law 24 March 2022 no. 24), our University adopts the following measures toward a new-found normality


Green pass certification and safety measures

The COVID-19 green pass certification is no longer necessary for accessing the university premises.

The capacity of the classrooms returns to 100% while the obligation to use the FFP2 mask remains during lessons. 


Didactic activities

Shifts for accessing the classrooms, based on the ReStart colour code, are suspended. All students will be able to access the classrooms, regardless of the colour assigned. The Teams classes will still remain active, especially for courses with a higher number of students. 


Profit and graduation Exams

The profit and graduation exam sessions will be exclusively held in presence without the limitations and previously adopted. Guests are allowed, within the limits set by the individual study programme, also in relation to the capacity of the classrooms.

Only students close to their graduation and positive for COVID-19 will be permitted to take exams remotely. The student must forward the request to the President of the exam Board at least 24 hours in advance by institutional e-mail address, attaching the non-self-certified documentation. All other students will only be able to take face-to-face exams.

Students with disabilities must contact the Centre for the Inclusion of Students with Disabilities and Specific Learning Disorders - CID by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the preparation of equivalent tests, as already foreseen.


Gianfranco Nicoletti appointed Secretary General of the Conference of Italian Universities Rectors (CRUI)


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The President of the Conference of Italian Universities Rectors, prof. Ferruccio Resta, during the meeting of the council, appointed the Rector of the University of Campania, prof. Gianfranco Nicoletti, as the new General Secretary of the CRUI.

“I would like to thank the President, Prof. Resta and the Academic Community for their trust - said the Rector Prof. Nicoletti - I take on this appointment with a spirit of cooperation and in full harmony with the other bodies in charge. Therefore, it is my intention to assist the other Bodies with the constant commitment that this role requires, in order to synergistically contribute to the definition and implementation of collective policies".

The Conference of Italian University Rectors is the most important Academic Governance and Ministerial Advisory Body.

Letter from the Rector to the Academic Community of the Vanvitelli University:

Dear all,

I would like to share with all of you important news that relates to me and that involves our University above all.

It is with great pleasure that I inform you that, starting today, I am assuming the role of Secretary General of the Conference of Italian Universities Rectors, the most important Academic Governance and Ministerial Advisory Body.

I am very honoured for this appointment, it is a source of satisfaction and pride, for the confirmation of the value and esteem that the President prof. Resta and the Academic Community demonstrated towards me and towards the Vanvitelli University itself.

With a deep sense of responsibility, I am about to fill this prestigious position, in a climate of trust and collaboration, assisting the Assembly and its Bodies, in its role of coordination and direction between the universities, for the constant development of the university system.

Gianfranco Nicoletti


Study at the Vanvitelli University. Choose your study programme.


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All information on matriculation and enrolment procedures, on fees and contributions and the contacts of the Student Offices are available in the dedicated section.

How to enrol: watch the video tutorial to be guided step by step! (in Italian) 


Discover the Vanvitelli University and its Departments with the new digital and interactive University brochure. In the brochure, available also in English, you can find all the necessary information on the Vanvitelli University with the complete educational offer, services available for students, benefits, APPs, internationalisation, and presentations for each department.

The pages have links to directly access the specific pages of the University portal and the sites of the Departments.

Download the brochure


Are you still undecided? Watch the videos that will help you in choosing your study programme. All the Virtual Open Days of the Vanvitelli University Degree Courses are online.

Professors together with students, PhD students or postgraduates, present the over 67 degree courses, access procedures, TOLCs (access tests), international opportunities, services and benefits.

Virtual trips within the departments, images of the structures, laboratories, activities, services, study plans, employment opportunities, facilities, and advice to experience the University and organise the study in the best possible way. Choose the Virtual Open Day that interests you most and discover the future that awaits you.

Vanvitelli Virtual Open Days


Go to the Study grants and subsidies page to find out how the Vanvitelli University contributes to the study of its students. Scholarships for deserving students and for students belonging to families with more students attending the university, reduction of fees for foreign students.


Remember that programmes with restricted access provide for a limited number of seats, established by the University or by the MUR. To be able to enrol, it is necessary to take an admission test, pass it and be placed in the ranking within the number of available seats.
Check the calls for application published in the dedicated section.


All information on the enrolment procedure at the Vanvitelli University, on taxes and contributions and the contacts of the Student Offices are available in the dedicated section.


Look at the complete educational offer and choose your study programme.

Welcome service for international students

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Hello from the International Welcome Desk

A prompt assistance service for foreign students who choose the Vanvitelli University. From today, the International Welcome Desk is active. The International Students Union – ISU - official partner welcoming international students.

The service, accessible from the page of International Welcome Desk, supports foreign students for:

  • Information regarding Campuses dislocated on the territory;
  • Accommodation search;
  • Reception service;
  • Legal assistance in housing and immigration laws;
  • Assistance in obtaining a study visa (activity available also for outgoing students);
  • Assistance for the issue of Residence Permit;
  • Registration to the Local Health Authority (ASL);
  • Orientation activities;
  • Complete bureaucratic assistance.

Erasmus students, students of the Marco Polo programme, visiting students, PhD students and research fellows, graduate students of the English programmes and those enrolled in degree courses with the issue of the double degree can take advantage of the service.

Inernational Welcome Desk




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