Second Cycle Degree in Architecture – Interior Design and Autonomy with OKAN UNIVERSITY - Istanbul/TURKEY and with the East China Normal University (ECNU) Shanghai CHINA

As part of the two-year degree course in "Architecture - Interior Design and Autonomy" in English, the Department of Architecture and Industrial Design has signed two international agreements. The first, in Architecture, with the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture of the Okan University in Istanbul, was regularly activated in the A.Y. 2015/16 with the first student exchange in the two semesters of the 1st year; the second, in Architecture and Fine Arts, activated starting from the A.Y. 2017/18 with the School of Design of the East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai.

The programme with the Okan University offers students the opportunity to obtain a joint degree in Architecture. The Okan University, one of Turkey's most dynamic and young universities, was founded by the Okan Culture, Education, and Sports Foundation in 1999 and began its academic life in 2003-2004. In rapid growth, in its 15th year it has reached a student body of 17,000 and includes 8 faculties. The Okan University aims to build a bridge between the academic and the business world, allowing students to work in companies as part of their university education starting from their first year. For this purpose, the Turkish University has signed cooperation protocols with important local representatives of the business world and actively participates in intensive European and international exchange programmes. Okan's headquarters is the modern campus in Akfirat with classrooms and equipped laboratories, a library, conference rooms, a fitness centre, a swimming pool, gyms, canteens and restaurants and dormitories for students.

There is also a sports centre, which includes a 400-person gym, a swimming pool, tennis courts, basketball, volleyball and football. The course has a duration of two years; provides a joint training programme and a period of mobility for a semester during the first year; at the end of the study period, students will obtain a Joint Title in Architecture. The degree thesis will have two supervisors, one from the Vanvitelli University and the other from OKAN.

The programme with the ECNU of Shanghai offers students the opportunity to achieve a Double Master's Degree in Architecture and Fine Arts. Established in Shanghai in 1951, the East China Normal University (ECNU) is one of the most prestigious universities in China and the first established in the country after the establishment of the People's Republic of China.

The ECNU, with two campuses located in Minhang and in the Putuo district, with a total area of over 207 hectares, has long been reputed as a university-garden. ECNU gives great importance to the development of internationalization and enjoys an excellent reputation all over the world. The university has activated exchange and cooperation projects with more than 150 internationally renowned universities. There are about 5,000 foreign students studying at ECNU.

The School of Design was founded in September 2004. There are 4 departments: visual communication, product design, environmental art, and public art. The departments are then divided into 11 specialization groups, among which: visual communication, product design, landscape design, interior design, display design, animation design, video communication, digital art, brand design and management, public art and fashion design. The School is located in the central district of Shanghai, within a modern campus, with exclusive equipment and facilities, such as the design centre, which covers 3,000 square meters, including a professional design laboratory and fashion centre covering 2,700 square meters.

Fundamental value of this School is Humanity Design, supporting the integration between nature, science, art and humanity. In addition, the School of Design has initiated long-term cooperation with more than 20 art and design colleges in Europe and the United States, dozens of international workshops and summer programmes abroad. The annual employment rate of its graduates is over 97%.

The Course – with a duration of two years for the students of the Vanvitelli University (three years, for those of the ECNU) - provides a training programme designed together with the Chinese University with a period of mobility of the first semester of the second year (with the further possibility to follow online ECNU courses of the second semester). At the end of the study period, students will obtain a Joint Title in Architecture and Fine Arts. The degree thesis will have two supervisors, one from the Vanvitelli University and the other from ECNU.



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