Medicine, Qualifying Degree at the Vanvitelli University. New, shorter policy toward qualification and medical profession

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Future doctors will no longer carry out the mandatory three-month internship after graduation but during the university course.

Students of Medicine and Surgery - venues of Naples and Caserta - and of Medicine and Surgery (English Course) of the Vanvitelli University have a new 'preferential lane' towards the profession with the possibility to take the State Exam (scheduled for July 16, 2020) immediately after the graduation session (from July 8, 2020 to July 13, 2020).

Who is admitted? All students who complete exams no later than June 30 2020.

The deadline for the online submission to participate in the first session of the State Exams to qualify for the practice of the medical profession is set for 30 April 2020. See the call for application (in italian).

Qualified graduates will therefore have the possibility to participate in the first opportunity for the competition for specialty training schools.


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