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Following the end of the state of emergency on 31 March 2022, shifts for accessing classrooms based on the ReStart colour code are suspended. Read the news



reSTART, the colour system to be able to physically attend lessons in class in compliance with the anti-COVID19 measures.

The teaching of Degree Courses and Single-Cycle Degree Courses will normally be provided in person or through mixed teaching, both in class and remotely (all the indications and operational guides for remote teaching in the dedicated section).

Attendance in classrooms is organised in shifts marked with colours: the correspondence between the colours and days is published on the websites of the Departments in the "Didactics/Class timetable" section.

Before physically attending classes, you will need to carry out some simple steps:

Upload the declaration in the ESSE3 reserved section.

For this purpose:

  1. download the form available here;
  2. complete the form and sign it, digitally or with handwritten signature;
  3. upload the form in your reserved area in PDF format, connecting to the ESSE3 platform, choosing the menu item "Career attachments" and then the type of attachment "COVID declaration"

Choose a shift for attendance in class*.

  1. go to;
  2. confirm that you have uploaded the declaration;
  3. choose a shift (colour) among those available for your course year, based on the information relating to your Department that you will find indicated in the application;
  4. confirm your choice and download the receipt with the alphanumerical code.


  • * Shifts may not be immediately available. According to the didactic calendars, there will be frequent updates.
  • If no face-to-face lessons are provided for the student’s year of enrolment, the app displays a specific information message.
  • If the shift has been pre-assigned by the Department, the student can only view it, but not choose the colour.
  • The choice of the shift is allowed only to students “in corso”, in relation to their course and year of enrolment.
  • A shift can be assigned to students “fuori corso” exclusively by the Department, upon request to the belonging Department, if there are spaces available.
  • Similarly, it is not allowed to choose shifts relating to study courses other than the one in which the student is enrolled, which can only be assigned by the belonging Department on specific request.


For technical assistance on the ReSTART app, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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