Joint fundraising of the Vanvitelli University. The Rector: "We support the needy"

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The Vanvitelli University gives the start to a charity campaign for the needy, for all those people who, due to the pandemic, are unable to sustain themselves and their families. The health emergency that we are facing has in fact evidenced the serious social and economic discomfort that many families are facing.

"The Community of the Vanvitelli University - wrote the rector Giuseppe Paolisso in a letter he sent to professors, technical/administrative staff and students of the University - is aware of the economic difficulties that a non-marginal part of the population, where the University is present with its structures, is experiencing and therefore, to contribute to the resolution of this dramatic situation,  has chosen, also in view of the imminence of Holy Easter, to launch a charity campaign, to joyfully give the possibility of a meal and say NO to solitude and despair".

The funds raised (payment on account number IBAN: IT 43 D 02008 03443 000105890464) will go to two different volunteer associations that already provide meals to the needy and that have recorded, in the last period, a significant increase in requests, the Associazione Padre Elia Alleva, O. Carm. Onlus at the Basilica Santuario del Carmine Maggiore in Naples and the Caritas diocesana of Caserta at the Parrocchia Buon Pastore.

The contribution may be given, by April 9, 2020, to the following dedicated University account, opened specifically for the initiative:
IBAN: IT 43 D 02008 03443 000105890464 made payable to UNIVERSITA’ DEGLI STUDI DELLA CAMPANIA “L. VANVITELLI”



Information for students and university staff

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With Prime Ministerial Decree of March 9 2020, the President of the Council ordered the suspension of teaching activities also in universities until April 3 2020. The University, having implemented the Decree, is reorganizing all its activities in the shortest possible time. Below you will find all the necessary information.




Indications and recommendations

From hand washing to close contact with people, from how to sneeze to cleaning surfaces, to numbers to call in case of suspicious symptoms. Here are indications and recommendations to avoid any risk of contagion from coronavirus.

Wash your hands often, so you can prevent infections. Use soap, preferably liquid soap, and running water, preferably hot, for at least 20 seconds. Dry carefully, rubbing palms, backs and the inside of your fingers.

• Keep a certain distance - at least one meter - from other people, especially when they cough, sneeze, or if they have a fever, contagion mainly happens via respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes

Avoid close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections.

• If you are taking care of someone who is affected by Covid19, or if you suspect that you are sick, use a mask.

Cover your mouth and nose in case of sneezing or coughing. Sneeze or cough in a tissue or with your elbow flexed, use a mask, throw the used tissues immediately and wash your hands.

• If you believe you have contracted the virus, do not go to the emergency room. Contact a doctor, or the toll-free number 1500 or the local emergency service made available by the region to which you belong. Do not contact 112: you will avoid overloading a service dedicated to emergencies, used for the timely intervention of emergency vehicles for other diseases.

If you have mild flu symptoms and have not recently been to China, stay at home until symptoms are resolved 

Made in China products and parcels received from China are not dangerous. Pets do not spread the new coronavirus.

• Clean the surfaces with chlorine and alcohol based disinfectants.



In Italian

Ministero della Salute
FAQ - Nuovo Coronavirus COVID-19 
Materiale informativo

Study at the Vanvitelli University. Consult the 2019-2020 training offer and choose your course of study

The innovation this year concerns the Department of Engineering with a new first cycle vocational degree course on Techniques for Construction, the Territory and the Environment - The course aims to ensure the acquisition of knowledge / skills / abilities necessary to practice the technical profession both in the business environment and in public administrations, without neglecting the practice of the profession. The programme, open to 50 students per year, aims to quickly insert graduates in the world of work and to preserve the valid cultural tradition of the role of surveyors, guaranteeing a formative continuity to high school graduates of the Technical Institutes with the “Construction, Environment and Territory” address.

Read all the info on the new course

The vocational course joins the four new degree courses, which began in 2018-2019, very topical, compared to the objectives they propose:

First Cycle Degree Courses:

Department of Mathematics and Physics with:

DATA ANALYTICS - The course is open access and is provided entirely in English. The course aims to make graduates acquire skills in theoretical and computational mathematics, inferential statistics and exploratory analysis of big volumes of data; of machine learning techniques for calculation; of methodological and applied tools used by information technology for managing databases and information systems; of programming elements; of modern software tools for data processing and communication techniques of results. Due to its international characterization, the course also includes the study of other European languages, in particular, French, being that this Course releases a double degree in conjunction with the Université Paris 13.

School of Medical Sciences with:

NURSING - The course is restricted access, students must pass an exam to enrol and is provided entirely in English.  With the proposal to establish a Degree Programme in Nursing, the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli responds to the request for health care training of a multi-ethnic, non-Italian language speaking population increasingly seeking to gain access to qualified levels of study. Nursing represents a unique programme in Italy; a global training opportunity for specialized personnel from different nationalities who will be able to benefit from the training capabilities of our professors and to capably respond to the needs of a labour market that requires an ever-increasing level of professionalism. 

Second Cycle Degree Courses:

School of Polytechnics and of the Basic Sciences

Department of Engineering with:

ENGINEERING FOR ENERGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT - Sustainable development, which combines the need for considerable energy resources with the protection of the environment, is extremely topical and of global importance, even more so on the territory on which the Vanvitelli University insists. In this context, the activation of the Second Cycle Degree programme on Engineering for Energy and the Environment plays a crucial role, promoting the awareness that modern engineering can contribute to remedying mistakes of the past, laying the foundations for a better future. The aim of the course is to train professionals with specific skills, currently difficult to find in our country, necessary to face the complexity of the problems connected to the sustainable use of environmental resources and energy.

Department of Environmental, Biological and pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies with: 

MOLECULAR BIOTECHNOLOGY - The course is open access and is provided entirely in English. The Second Cycle Degree Course in Molecular Biotechnology is designed to provide the cultural background of multidisciplinary biotechnologies for the production of goods and services using biological systems; in particular, the course prepares skilled graduates in the field of biotechnologies specialised in the study, prevention and diagnosis of human diseases, with particular regard to the development of innovative drugs. Cooperation with researchers of National Research Council Institutes (e.g.: Institute of Genetics and Biophysics - IGB; Institute of Protein Biochemistry) on teaching and research activities is an opportunity for graduates to acquire knowledge in a broader range of fields related to Molecular Biotechnology, and skills to operate in various areas of academic and industrial research at national and international levels.

 Discover our Courses for the academic year 2019-2020  

Welcome service for international students

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Hello from the International Welcome Desk

A prompt assistance service for foreign students who choose the Vanvitelli University. From today, the International Welcome Desk is active. The International Students Union – ISU - official partner welcoming international students.

The service, accessible from the page of International Welcome Desk, supports foreign students for:

  • Information regarding Campuses dislocated on the territory;
  • Accommodation search;
  • Reception service;
  • Legal assistance in housing and immigration laws;
  • Assistance in obtaining a study visa (activity available also for outgoing students);
  • Assistance for the issue of Residence Permit;
  • Registration to the Local Health Authority (ASL);
  • Orientation activities;
  • Complete bureaucratic assistance.

Erasmus students, students of the Marco Polo programme, visiting students, PhD students and research fellows, graduate students of the English programmes and those enrolled in degree courses with the issue of the double degree can take advantage of the service.

Inernational Welcome Desk



Marco Polo programme

With reference to the Marco Polo programme, the University is implementing and strengthening the dissemination of its training offer to Chinese graduates. Chinese students interested to the Vanvitelli training offer can access for a free evaluation test, which will be available online through the e-learning platform in the period between June 10 and July 10.

The ranking list that will be prepared by the university for each course will take into account the outcome of the evaluation test and the Gaokao (test for access to Chinese universities).
The result of the evaluation will be notified to the interested parties by formalizing their pre-enrolment to courses provided in Italian for the academic year 2019/2020 to enable to start visa applications by the Italian Embassy in China by July 31 2018.

Reserved seats

Regulations for the access of foreign students



National School of Administration (SNA in Italian), accommodation agreement at the Caserta Residential Centre


 11.21.2019: due to work in progress at the Caserta Residential Centre of the National School of Administration, it is not possible to accept reservations of professors and students of the University until further communication.


The agreement with the Caserta Residential Centre of the National School of Administration has been renewed.


The Residential and Study Centre (CRS in Italian) of the National School of Administration is located in Caserta, Corso Trieste - n. 2, in one of the two elliptical hemicycles of the Royal Palace commissioned by Charles III of Bourbon and built in the second half of the eighteenth century by Luigi Vanvitelli.

The residential structure covers an area of about 4,000 square meters divided on four levels and has 43 single rooms, 9 double rooms, which can be used in agreement by students, guests and staff of the University.

The cost of accommodation, including breakfast, is € 25.00 per person per night.

Guests must request availability directly by connecting to the following link: 

Payment must be made before arrival via the Easypagamenti platform upon access to the website according to the indications provided on the site.

How to make a reservation



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